DCF Investigator

The Department of Children and Families (DCF) is the state agency entrusted with the responsibilities of protecting children from abuse and neglect by their caregivers and strengthening families. Additionally, DCF is the agency designated to receive 51A Reports, which are filed when someone is told about or suspects child maltreatment (regardless of the alleged perpetrator's relationship to the child).

If DCF screeens in a report regarding your child's case for investigation, an Investigator (also known as a Response Worker) will attend the forensic interview, conduct a protective investigation regarding the allegation(s), conduct a home visit, assess your family's strengths and needs, determine the safety and degree of risk posed to your child, determine the response outcome, and decide whether DCF should open a case with your family for support and services.

DCF's Family Guide may answer questions you have about their Protective Services for Children. You also can contact your DCF Area Office for assistance.